Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I made it!

I made it to the MTC!! It was a really long day but I´m finally here!!
I sat on two planes today and both of the people I sat next to I gave
them the Christmas pass along card that you gave me Mom. One of them
was from New Zealand and the other was from Galicia,Spain. Ok and the
computer keyboards here are really weird so I´m having a hard time
typing but I will keep going! As we flew into Spain we flew
over the Pyreenes Mountains. They are so beautiful. And as we
continued I saw just how beautiful the terrain in Spain is. Lots of
orchards and the Spanish homes and cities are very pretty, much
different than anything I have ever seen. I´m just SOOO happy to be
BTW My next P Day is not until Dec 18th! We just got assigned
comps. and mine is the other one from FL, Sister Thorpe. My first
impression of being here is that, um, my Spanish is really bad. On our
drive up here I could not even remember how to say where are you from
or do you work with the MTC, to the guy who was driving us. eek.
All the sisters that came today seem to be from the USA but there are
some elders from other places like Russia and Scotland. Really cool. I
guess I´m a little overwhelmed right now. I´m really far from home and
with lots of new people but I´m very excited to get my nametag tonight
and wear the name of Jesucristo on my shoulder. I love you all so
much!! Keep me in your prayers, that I will be safe and be an
effective missionary and learn the language without getting
overwhelmed! Ok there is literally a timer counting down how many
minutes I have, so i´ll keep going. I can´t believe i´m actually here.
i´m really happy and i´m safe. I love the gospel. I know i´m going to
grow so much from being here. I love you all so much, te amo!! Y la
iglesia es verdad!! LOVE, HERMANA BIRCH

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