Monday, April 11, 2016


Our ghetto area. This isn't even the bad part.Hello!

This has been a crazy week, from bible bashing with Romanians to
Christian Pakistanis contacting us in the street, to a member asking
us if angels travel by spacecraft to crazy old Spanish ladies's been a great week.

We are seeing so many miracles! Our investigator came to church on
Sunday! His name is Diego and he really has a strong desire to learn
about Christ and what we believe in our church. Also we are teaching a
family, the mom is Ecuadorian and the dad is Peruvian. They are super
cute! Also we are working with a Chilean lady and her Spanish husband.
She's a member, but he's not. It was a miracle because he usually
hides when we come over, but he stayed and knelt with us for the
kneeling prayer!

I really wanted these two Romanian boys to just accept the Book Of
Mormon, but it didn't matter what we said, they wouldn't read it,
because they were afraid that it contradicted the Bible. It was really
really hard to let them go, because I could just see how much the true
gospel would bless their lives. But, we did everything we could. I
remember that Christ was rejected, and people even that walked with
Him and saw Him perform the miracles, wouldn't accept Him as the Son
of God.

I know that God truly loves His children. As missionaries we get to
see that so clearly, I believe that so strongly. If we have the
Spirit, we can see people how God sees them and our love for them
grows and we don't judge them.

I love this crazy area and I love this church!

Love, Hermana Birch 🇪🇸

Me and Spanish "pan"

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