Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Golden Family!

Me and my favorite Andaluza

Our district las week on Mont Juic. Apparently the Elders didn't get the memo that we were going on a HIKE. Awkward.Hello everyone!

It was transfers week, we are staying together!! We are so happy!

We are teaching some great people! We are so excited! One, is the
family we teach. We went and picked them up to go to church and we got
there and they were getting ready! So we waited and played with their
pet bunnies! Then we walked to church with the dad and two of the
young sons. During sacrament meeting I taught the 10 year old son the
story of the Book of Mormon with pictures, to keep him entertained :)

Also, a lady started taking to the elders in the grocery store, and
she wanted them to come over to her house like right then, so they
went and she was so excited to have them in her house, and she showed
them her Book Of Mormon. And she said she wanted the missionaries to
come over and teach her whole family when they get home from work and
school!!! Turns out, she lives in OUR area, so we went and visited
them last night and they are GOLDEN. They dad and the son and the mom
were there. They are from Bogota, Colombia and they have heard about
the church and been a few times but they still don't know that much.
As we talked to them, I just felt like I was at home. They already had
this light and spirit in this home. It was a really cool experience.
They are super open and receptive. The son is like 21, doesn't smoke,
drink, party. (So rare here, teenagers so many times get corrupted by
Spanish culture) He's studying to be an engineer. The dad is an
electrician. He asked us if we could share a favorite verse or chapter
from the Book Of Mormon with them and explain it. I was like floored.
I was like "right now?? You would like me to share a verse with you?
Like right now? Like you're ASKING me to do it?" It was so funny.

When we are in the service of others we are happy! I'm so grateful for
the chance to testify of my Savior everyday! It's the best!

Love, Hermana Birch 🇪🇸

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