Monday, April 18, 2016

Press Forward

Also we did a 3k with two of the wards

Hermana Birch 🇪🇸Hola!

This week was awesome! We finally got to have a lesson with a woman I
contacted one of my first weeks here. She is American and lived in
Florida for a long time but now has been in Spain for awhile. She's
funny. She came to church, but didn't really like it! It was long for
her, also she was hungry and she said it was boring. I felt really
bad. I hope we can get her to come again soon.

Also a Pakistani came up behind us in the street a few days ago
wanting to learn more about Jesus. So we had a visit with him in the
church on Friday and he wants to be baptized! We gave him a Book of
Mormon in Urdu. He took it home and his roommate saw it, then his mom
called him all in a rage that he can't change religions. So that's
really sad for us.

But we are working still with the family of John and Lucia! We brought
a member with us to the visit and when they said they couldn't come to
church because it would be too difficult with the baby, the member
came in and said that he would personally make sure that his wife
helped her with the baby, and promised them that there are many other
mothers of young kids that manage just fine. Then they said, well I
guess we'll come!! Which was a big step for them! It was awesome!

So, all in all, a great week! Sorry, no time!

Love, Hermana Birch

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