Monday, February 16, 2015

Inviting Everyday!

Hola!! The weeks feel so long and I can´t remember what I have or haven´t told you. Haha. But this week I invited someone to be baptized every single day, in Spanish!! We have lots of investigators who COULD be baptized but they´re either not married to the person they live with or they´re not reading the Book of Mormon! Wow, it´s just like pulling teeth to get people to read! I read the Book of Mormon everyday for an hour during Personal Study and it´s amazing how much I learn about the gospel. I have like 4 markers that I use to highlight and make notes in the margins and it really helps me soak it all in. I love the gospel and the Book of Mormon is PROOF that it´s so real and we are God´s children! I just wish I could help the people we are teaching to realize that THIS is what they need to do to find out if the church is true or not and when they do they WILL know and they will have the desire to be baptized! My spanish is lacking in that department.

The mission is great. It´s just so great. Me and my companion get majorly lost about 2 or 3 times a day. Whether it be getting on the right metro, getting off at the right stop, and then walking the streets and using our map to find the right building. Phew. But it´s fun. We end up running alot to lessons and lunch appts. So just picture us in our coats, skirts, with my heels, and our bags and map, running the streets of Valencia, and that´s a pretty good idea of the day to day life of the mission. Whitewashing, it´s the best.

85 year old Vincente made us his famous paella and tapas! It was so fancy! He´s so cute. He had out all his fancy china for us. He only has one leg and sits in a wheelchair. He´s amazing. He showed us his huge Book Of Mormon and his huge paella pan. The food was interesting. My companion was proud that she was able to eat it all. It was a lot of dried meat, hard cheese and the paella was interesting. He made so much and he was so insistent that we take the rest, like literallly 8 lbs worth of the paella in a pot and take it to the elders so we walked this big ole thing of paella across town. Haha. 

It´s getting WARM! It´s been so cold, all the natives have said that it´s never this cold even in the winter.

We had lunch with a family on Valentine´s day. They are from Bolivia. The mom and the older daughter both play the guitar and they took turns playing for us. It was so good. So Spanish.

Mom can you send me the mp3 for How Can I Be, the youtube video one, (do you know how to do that?) because I can put it on a flashdrive and we can play it in our apt? Also no, I didn´t get the package. 

Oh also our baseball playing Domincan, JUAN, came to church yesterday!! Whoo hoo! Miracles do happen! Now I just need to invite him to be baptized. Also me and Hermana Lamoreaux had a goal to have 2 baptisms by the end of this month and we realized last night that this Saturday is our last day to have the baptisms (we don´t do baptisms on Sunday) yeah we´re kind of freaking out. This week is go time and we are going to work our tails off to make it happen. 

I love you! Have a good week! 

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  1. That color coding systems sounds like it may work for some people.....start collecting colored pencils and giving them out to those who are reading the book of Mormon seriously. I love doing stuff like that. Let me know and I will have a pencil drive in my ward and we will send them your way!! Kayla, we love you and are willing to help you in any of your mission efforts!!! Happy days. Love Sister Doerr