Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spanish food! pt 1

A miracle this week!! We were stopping by to visit our investigator, Juan. We had a member with us, Hermana Nalbundyan (her younger sister is serving in the mission right now). She served her mission here a few years ago. She is amazing. She is from Armenia but has lived in Spain most of her life. So we´re in the stairwell of  Juan´s apartment and a younger lady passes us on her way up the stairs to her apt. Hermana Nalbundyan says hola, buenas, to her and then blurted out ¨do you speak Armenian?¨the lady stopped, turned around and turns out she is from Armenia as well!! They started talking really excitedly together in Armenian and me and Hermana Lamoreaux just look at eachother not understanding a word but like, what just happened!? Hermana Nalbundyan followed a prompting and turned a friendly hello in a stairwell into a NEW invesigator! Her name is Lillit, she let us into her apt and we visited her and her mom, prayed with them and set up a return appt. And we now have given them a Book Of Mormon in Armenian and invited them to read! It´s the unexpected things, the promptings that we courageously follow, that will bring miracles. This is the Lord´s work, we just need to obey the Spirit or else we never would have found Lillit!

Also we have a family from Iran that we are teaching. They are super sweet. It´s a 16 year old son and his mom. We are going to keep teaching them, we have a book of mormon for them in Persian. She gave us some green tea and muffins. The green tea....mmm we´re still not sure if it had caffiene in it...?

Also our fecha, Juan from the Dominican Republic, is still progressing. Slowly but surely. He actually couldn´t come to church this Sunday so his fecha has to be reset but he wants to get baptized!

We gave Sara and Javier the audio of the Book Of Mormon hoping they´ll finally read/listen on their own. If they don´t then we might have to drop them :(

This week was the week of trying lots of new foods!! We ate at a member´s home, she´s from the Dominican Republic. It´s so fun being a missionary. People really really give their very best to us, and treat us really well. They set the table really nice and use their fine china when we come over to eat with them. We´re so spoiled. 

She made us fried yucca (super good), baked yucca (weird), and then marisco which is like this huge paella type dish except there´s like shrimp with their eyes and legs and everything. It was definitely an experience. Once again, my companion wins for being able to eat everything on her plate! And then yet another spanish dessert where they cut up fruit into teeny pieces and then serve it in a really really sweet liquid.

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