Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fw: Semana 5 en la CCM

Es loco that I have been here for 5 weeks!! The language is coming
along. Me and Hermana Thorpe have been having some really good lessons
with our ´investigators´. Missionary work is just awesome. I think
I´ve learned so much about myself and others from being here. I´ve
learned how to comfort others when they need it and how to be a better
friend and a better, happier person. I´ve learned to be patient and to
be kinder. I love the people here. I spend a lot of time with my
district, 3 elders in a trio and then 2 other companionships of
Hermanas. I love them so much. We study together pretty much all day,
eat together, sing together, play soccer together, go to P day
together. We´re all really close and I love each of them. Sad to say
goodbye to them as we part our ways and go to different  missions of
Spain on Tuesday. I feel the Spirit here a lot. I know that God is
watching out for me. I read my patriarchal blessing pretty much
everyday, it gives me a lot of strength. We have so many awesome
devotionals, scriptural thoughts and experiences here, I just don´t
know how to say everything in one email. Hermana Lovell (pres. wife)
has us memorize stuff every week and if we do she bakes us something.
We memorized el objetivo, el bautismo invitaciona and this week is
Moroni 10:4 by Monday, and she just told us yesterday. So I´ve been
working on that. I treasure my time here. And I´m excited for el campo
on Tuesday! The MTC has been great. I actually loved the MTC. I wish I
could stay here longer, it´s our safe little bubble here. Haha, but
it´s time to press forward. I guess I´m hoping for a native Spanish
speaker for my entrenador. I want to master the Spanish language and
having a native, I would be able to learn the accent really well and I
feel like I would learn a lot better. But we will see what the Lord
has in store for me, I trust Him. Everyone always says that you change
on your mission, and become better. I don´t know if I´ve changed yet,
I don´t think people really change. They just come to recognize Christ
as their Savior and then they try to emulate Him in every way they
can. I pray about you guys all the time. I worry about you and I hope
you all are safe and happy and that school is going well for all the
boys. I love you all so much. I can´t wait for you guys to go on
missions, it´s such an awesome experience. Keep feeding the Sisters
and take good care of them!! Think of them as me. I know you do and
I´m glad that you were such an example to me of taking care of the
missionaries! It´s really important.

Send me videos and pics!!!
Love always, Hermana Birch

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