Friday, January 23, 2015


Hola!! This week has been insane! So I´m here in Valencia with my trainer, Hermana Lamoreaux. She´s awesome. We´re white washing, that means both of us are new to the area! Crazy right?! Our piso is great. We have a tiny little kitchen, a washing machine, no dryer, 2 bathrooms (with bidets..weird, still don´t know how people use them, or why). Our first day here, yesterday, a member, Pilar called us to invite us for comida. So we went today. She´s a precious elderly woman, showed us pictures of her family and grandkids. Cooked us some really good food. Yellow rice (kind of soupy), salad, and chicken croquettes, also we had bread with this weird olive paste that was super gross.We also have been contacting and giving out Libro De Mormons on the street. Luckily Hermana Lamoreaux is really good at Spanish because I still can´t understand what they´re saying so I just bear my testimony or introduce the book of mormon.  

The mission president President Pace is awesome. He´s so strong in the faith. I am so glad he´s the president. When we got to the mission home from the mtc, I stayed the night with some misioneras  in the Barcelona area. My temporary companion was Hermana Diorgia, she´s from Italia and doesn´t speak English. But it was so fun! Her piso is right next to the Sagrada Familia, it was really cool. We saw so many cool things and talked to one menos activo and an investigator. The visits went so well and I just loved being with Diorgia. I was SOOO hoping I would be put with her and that she would be my trainer! So the next day President Pace assigned me to Valencia with someone totally different, who speaks English, and has only been out for 6 months. I was kind of bummed. And we´re whitewashing. I felt like God was punishing me or something. But I know this is going to be great. Maybe being with Hna Diorgia would have been a really good experience, but maybe it would have been just that. Here, I know I´ll learn a lot of patience and skills and also I have to work harder to learn Spanish here because my comp is from Utah! It´s so much easier to speak in English to her. 

Can you google stuff about Valencia .nd tell me about snce I´ve been in Spain my hair smells weird. I think it´s the water. Like right after I wash it it smells bad. We´re not supposed to drink the water, but we do shower with it. I thought it was my shampoo, but after trying different kinds, I know it´s not. Also if you could send anything I would like little things of hand sanitizer to take in my purse, Our piso is pretty dirty, the misioneras before us didn´t take care of it so well. Kinda gross. And we don´t have paper towels or any good cleaning stuff. Also we haven´t had a chance to go to the store to buy food. All we have in the piso right now is a bunch of brown bananas, muesli (which is actually good) and then some leftover croquettes Pilar gave us at lunch today. All the stores are closed because it´s like a holiday today. Haha it´s just an adventure here. Everyday. 

We had our first District Meeting today. Great missionaries here in Valencia. I played the piano and they asked me to play in Sacrament because nobody has been doing it! THere´s a baptism for the elders on Sunday so that´s exciting. Today me and Hna L. called a bunch of people in the area book and set up citas for tomorrow so we can get to know the investigadores and start getting BUSY and getting some BAPTISMS! We ride the metro to the Church building it´s like 20 min away. Also our area is super small, we have Valencia ward split into a few different parts among 2 elder companionships and then us, plus another ward. Our area is super small, me and my comps, but that´s super good!! We´re really happy about that, and we live in our area and the district leader said we have the most members and the best members in our area. Sweet!! Here´s an awkward pic of me and my trainer. We´re at the locutorio, it´s a sketchy place where you pay for each minute you use the computers. Yeah. 

I love you all. I´m happy and healthy and safe. Thanks for your prayers! 
Con amor, Hermana Birch

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