Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Transfer calls!

Wow no pictures again this week! It´s not working!

But big news!! I´m in LLEIDA!!

Leaving Valencia was so hard, we left this morning. Ahh, I cried so much saying goodbye to all the members and investigators. Valencia is literally the BEST area you could be in and I know I´m going to miss it so much.

My new companion is actually my friend Hermana O´Neill, we did intercambios together my first transfer when I was still in training. She picked me up in Barcelona this afternoon then we took the train to Lleida! She told me that I seem a lot happier now than I was when I was in my training! Haha, being trained and adjusting to missionary life and Schedule is super rough, I feel bad that that´s all she remembered about me. But she says I´m so different now and she loves it! Haha, so that´s good. She´s only one transfer ahead of me in the misión, so we are a very new companionship!!

When I got my call that I was going to Lleida everyone said that it smells bad here and that there´s no Nigerians  (worst news ever, I love Nigerians) and that it´s really small. There used to be 4 elders here but they just took 2 out, so our area just got LOTS bigger! So that will be fun!! I´m super stoked, Hermana O´Neill and I get a long super well and I´m PUMPED! Also I thought I had just escaped the Valencia heat, apparently not, it´s super hot here in Lleida, too!!

I think a miracle we had this week was just the fact that my Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 2 weeks. I feel much more comfortable with my spanish, I can understand basically everything (except the darn Spaniards that speak a million miles an hour with their crazy accent that is still so hard to understand). I am so much more confident than I have ever been in my Spanish.

Hermana Lamoreaux was the best companion I could have asked for to show me the ropes of the misión, to help me with my Spanish and to teach me how to work hard. And now I´m here in Lleida, it´s totally different than Valencia in SO many ways but I know it´s going to be great. I´m ready to work super hard here and build up this area the best that I can and do whatever is in my power to help build the Lord´s kingdom in this little town.

As far as our area in Valencia was this week, we had to say goodbye to lots of investigators, not just me but Hermana Lamoreaux too because yes, she´s staying, but they´re taking elders out of Valencia as well so HER area also just got much bigger and she lost a big chunk of her area as well. And she´s training again and whitewashing (because she took the other elder´s whole area) which is exactly what she did with me. She´s a CHAMP!

My favorite thing about this week was how much LOVE I feel for the people in Valencia. When I first got there in the end of January I was super selfish. I found it very hard to love the people, to love the area and to love the misión. But as I was saying goodbye, as I bore my goodbye  testimony at church on Sunday and as people were so kind to me as I was leaving, I felt so much love and I realized how much I have come to love them and love serving them. Being a member of the true church is such a privilege. I just LOVE being a Mormon. I love what we stand for. I love being a missionary.

I love you all, thanks for your love and prayers!

Con amor,
Hermana Birch

Hermana Birch
Spain Barcelona Mission
C/ Calatrava 10 -12 bajos
Barcelona, 08017

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