Monday, June 1, 2015


Pictures still aren´t working so.....This is an old picture from Valencia. ¨Mormon metro¨. There´s no metro in Lleida, I miss it! 

Querido familia y amigos,

This was my first week in Lleida! Wow, it is so different from Valencia. I actually love this area, it is really pretty. It´s small but it´s cute. There´s a castle! 

As far as missionary work goes though, this area is kind of rough. We haven´t had one lesson with an investigator since I´ve been here, besides contacts we´ve had on the street. That´s so crazy. I´m trying to not let it get me down! What a big change, to go from Valencia which is like the freaking promised land to Lleida, this little town with very little investigators...yet

Oh I´m sick again. We had to go to the doctor to make sure it wasn´t strep. We had to go to Zaragoza which is like an hour away by train. And we had to navigate ourselves to the hospital with the bus system all on our own. DANG THAT WAS HARD It was intense and we spent like the whole day. I was so sick, I was dying. And then we came back home and we had a ward activity that we had to hurry and help the elders finish setting up! It was an intense day, to say the least. But still fun! 

​another old pic APOSTASY (apostasy is whenever missionaries do something that maybe they shouldn´t be doing. like playing ukulele on a park bench with an investigator)

When we were in the train station, my throat was killing me so we went to a restaurant to get an Aquarius (gatorade in europe). It was really expensive so I didn´t get it, but there was a guy sitting there who bought it for me, turns out he´s a member of the church! It was super cool! Like what were the chances of us bumping into a member of the church, I mean we´re in SPAIN, there´s like no members here. Haha, it was awesome. And he was super nice to buy it for me.

Lleida is great. So far we´ve had a Pakistani ask us if we want to smoke with him sometime, someone yell out to us from their car ¨Your church is false! Your church is false!¨ and Hermana O´Neill got hit on by a drunk guy who was obsessed with her blue eyes. We laugh so hard that we cry like three times a day. 

We had a really good lesson with a less active, she´s from Bolivia (I LOVE BOLIVIANS), she is trying to prepare to go to the temple, but she doesn´t come to church on Sundays. So we talked about how Satan always uses the influences of the world, to make us feel like we´re not good enough or we´re not ready. Like how I felt before coming on a mission. Obviously it´s against Satan´s plan for anyone to go to the temple or serve missions. So we just have to find solace in the scriptures and through prayer, and not look to the world to find answers, because the world will tell you that these things that are so important to our happiness in this life and in the life to come, aren´t important at all. 

We´re still trying to find Nigerians or Bolivians to teach here in Lleida. Haha. But really. There are so many MUSLIMS here! It´s ridiculous! And they´re all super nice and willing to listen, but they don´t want to change. It´s so difficult! Also can you send me the wikipedia article about what Muslims believe. I really want to know. I have an idea but I´d like an article. 

Also I come into this area right, and apparently there is a bus system here, but we don´t know how to use it. Like we don´t know when the buses come and we don´t know where to get a bus map, so we just WALK everywhere. It´s crazy. But it´s really fun. Like Sunday morning we walked 40 MINUTES to pick up an investigator to come to church with us, and then we get there and she DROPPED us. Which means she´s not interested anymore, she prefers the Testigos de Jehovah. (Jdubs, Jehovah Witnesses). 

Also church was really fun, I didn´t have to play piano or teach a lesson. But wow, so sad to hear about L. Tom Perry. He´s so cute. Me and Hermana Oneill are super sad. Our district thinks Tad McAllister is the next apostle. Puede ser.

Anyway, I love you all! If you have time, send me your favorite Conference talk, old or new. Something that would help me as a missionary! I love you!!

Con amor,
Hermana Birch

Hermana Birch
Spain Barcelona Mission
C/ Calatrava 10 -12 bajos
Barcelona, 08017

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