Monday, June 8, 2015


This week we knocked a lot of doors! We had knocked a lot of doors
this one day and I was so exhausted and it was hot. Finally a lady let
us into her house and we talked to her about the church. She was super
nice and I was just grateful for missionaries in Barcelona that had
made a good impression on her. She used to Live by a chapel so she saw
missionaries a lot but never talked to them and she said she had
always wanted to know what we believe, and bam here we are. It was a
short visit. It we have her information and she wants us to come by

Also I was feeling super sick the other day. We walked 30 minutes to
stop by an investigator and I was literally dying with every step. My
stomach hurt and I felt nauseous, like I could just fall over. When we
got to her house I was so weak, but we were only there for 10 min,
just enough time to invite her to English class the. We had to walk 30
minutes back to the chapel for the class. And I was so weak and sick.
So we sat on a bench and I said a prayer for strength and health that
I could just make it to the chapel. And then as we were walking I
started feeling better and I had energy again. Even though we didn't
have any water or food. I know God is here with and loves His

Hermana Birch
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