Monday, June 8, 2015

iPads and what

Hola a todos!

Some fun things are happening in the mission! We got iPads! Kind of
exciting! Kind of weird too haha.

La obra misional es muy duro. It is super hot outside and we aren't
working with that many people, but it's still good. We work really
hard we walk a lot. We talk to lots of people. We have an English
class in the church on Sunday evenings.

This week I'm just really grateful for the members of this ward.
There's a convert of two years who loves the gospel so much. She
shares it with everybody. She was so excited to show us her
certificate from being sealed in the Venezuela temple and she was the
first one to bear her testimony in both sacrament and relief society.
She is such a good missionary, she brought two people to church on
Sunday, that's more than we could get to church!! We are trying to
find people like her in Lleida who are ready to accept and live the
gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have been knocking doors, something that I didn't have to do in
Valencia. So the days feel a lot longer and they're a lot harder to
get through. Haha. We get so many uninterested and then there will be
one golden person but then they work a lot and they can't meet with us
until Saturday which is a long time for us. One lady let us into her
home when we were knocking, that had never happened to me before. She
was super nice. She said that she wanted to know what what we believe
and that she has seen lots of missionaries because she lived by a
chapel in Barcelona.

There was a futbol game and Barcelona won so the city was going NUTS.
People were honking their horns on their cars every time they drove
past this bar right by our piso until like after midnight. It was so

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