Monday, June 22, 2015

One TRUE Convert

Querido familia y amigos!

Happy Father´s Day and Happy Birthday to Branden and Dad!!! 

Something Hermana O´Neill has taught me this week that has absolutely helped me a ton: We are on our missions, yes, to convert others. But hopefully our one TRUE convert will be ourselves!! I love that so much. I think if my mission has done anything to me yet, it has done just that, converted myself. I´m so glad about this. I´m so glad to be serving a mission. Every night me and Hermana O´Neill before we go to bed we just talk about how much we LOVE being missionaries and being Mormon! haha

Que mas, que mas....a miracle we had this week. We had an AWESOME district meeting this week. It seriously was the best. I felt the Spirit so strong. We made a goal as a district to be the missionaries we wanted to be, you know the missionary in your head that does EVERYTHING right. Well we made a goal to do that for the rest of the week, and it was really awesome. I focused myself a lot on that. Me and Hermana O´Neill have started contacting people as we wait to cross the street, something that a veces is super awkward, but I think it´s really good. We actually found a really cute Spanish lady with two little girl twins who has great potential. Our bishop will be really happy because he wants more Españoles in the ward. 

Oh, we had an extremely Catalan dude that we were teaching. He has been to church like 4 times (before I got here) and so we want him to be baptized ASAP! Pero, he is SUPER Catalan pride and everything, he doesn´t like the church that much because he says it´s just all south americans and nobody speaks his language (catalan), which is super dumb to me because we all speak Spanish! So it´s been AWHILE since he´s been to church because of this, but we committed him to go this week. We had no idea but turns out that one of the speakers from Sacrament meeting ends up teaching the Gospel Doctrine class as a sub for his daughter who usually does it, and one of the first things he says to the class is in Catalan, which I´ve never heard anyone speak Catalan at church before. And I was sitting next to our super Catalan pride investigator dying inside. I couldn´t believe it. I know that our investigator felt a lot better about church that day. It was a little miracle to me.

Also I have really been focusing on the Spirit to tell me who to contact. We walk in the street and we walk by TONS of people. And sometimes knowing just WHO to contact is the hardest part. Because we don´t have time to contact EVERYONE but I´m trying not to be choosy about who to contact. Like we particularly like contacting south americans and moms with families. But I´m working on contacting spaniards and men, too. 

​I love you all so much!! I know that life is really hard sometimes, but with the help of the Lord, our burdens are made light!​ He truly does make our weaknesses strong, if we try! I feel this every single day of my mission!

​con mucho amor,
Hermana Birch​

Hermana Birch
Spain Barcelona Mission
C/ Calatrava 10 -12 bajos
Barcelona, 08017

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