Monday, June 29, 2015

Fwd: Hace calor!!

Querida Familia y Amigos,

This week has been so fun! And it is HOT! 

It is so hard to email you guys because I never know what to say. So many things happen everyday here that strengthen my testimony, it´s just impossible to put into words. 

We had a ward activity for a festivo here for Saint Juan. Everything was going great until it started RAINING so we all had to go inside the church. Haha, but it was really fun. I´ll try to send you the video of the skit that we did with the Elders!

We are getting a new mission president, so that´s exciting. We were all crying the last time we saw him. We sang our mission song, Brillan Rayos de Clemencia (Brightly Beams Our Father´s Mercy in English) and all the Hermanas were crying like babies. It was so sad, we love our mission president. He´s like an apostle.

We were walking on Saturday and it was superrr hot. We were on our way home for mediodia, starving and hot, and this guy contacts US. He clearly had a disability, he wasn´t all there, but he just immediately started talking to us about Jesus Christ. I immediately judged him though. I was really impatient with him and kind of rude. He really wanted to show us a religious book he has and he told us to wait and he was going to go get it but I was really blunt with him (like Spaniards always are to us, haha, learned from the best) and said ¨No we really don´t have any interest in that book, but we do have a book for you¨. 

So we exchanged numbers to meet with him later that day. He called us like 5 times before our next visit with him just to ask us about the Book Of Mormon. And then that night we showed him the Because He lives video of Jesus Christ and he got so excited about it, like a child. As I watched him watching the video I realized how innocent and childlike he is and I felt so bad for judging him. I started crying. I was so overcome. I couldn´t believe that I had been so rude to him. He came to church with us the next morning. He asked me during Sacrament meeting if he could go out for a smoke and I said he had to wait until the meeting was over, in 20 minutes. Then I gave him the Word Of Wisdom pamphlet that I was using to fan myself and he read it. But he said it would be very hard for him to quit smoking. He kept whispering to me at church about the Book of Mormon and asking to talk to the bishop. Haha. He´s so funny. I think that how we treat these people is a real test of how Christlike we really are. 

I am so grateful for the mission, literally there are no words to describe how great it is. We live by and are guided by the Spirit in everything we do and we work so hard and it´s only through the Lord´s help that I am here.

I love you all so much!

Have a fantastic week! Thanks for keeping in touch with me!!

Con amor,
Hermana Birch

Hermana Birch
Spain Barcelona Mission
C/ Calatrava 10 -12 bajos
Barcelona, 08017

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