Monday, August 10, 2015

Fwd: Pics

Querido Familia y Amigos,

This week was the WEEK of eating visits!! Hermana Manotas loves to make cookies and ¨heart attack¨ the doors of the members, and I think it´s working!! We ate lots of good food, arroz con leche, arroz con pollo, y tortilla de patata!

We had a miracle and had lots of people at church on Sunday! Like Orlando! He´s really quiet and really a good boy. We are teaching him poco a poco. He has a goal to be baptized this week, the 15th! I love his Dominican accent. ¨Ya tu sabes¨ y ¨Que lo que!¨

Also our investigator Richard from Angola (Portuguese speaking African country) came to church! We found him on the street a few weeks ago. It´s noticeable that he has an alcohol problem and he came to church reeking of beer. We tried to get him to come to the second hour class, Gospel Principles. But he didn´t want to come because he was tired. So he was just sitting in the foyer by himself. We kept asking him to come and he finally did. And just GUESS what the lesson was about.....THE WORD OF WISDOM. Haha!! It was awesome. It was so funny because it was so perfect for what he needed to hear. We have only taught him The Restoration and about the Book Of Mormon, so he had never heard about the Word Of Wisdom. We have plans to set a baptismal fecha with him.

Me and Hermana Manotas had a really good companionship inventory and our relationship has improved by leaps and bounds. I am grateful to have her. I have lots of faults that I´m trying to resolve. And I´m trying to be more humble and malleable. I read a really good talk about pride and it basically listed a whole bunch of things that I never thought of before as pride, but things like ¨witholding compliments¨ and ¨holding grudges in our hearts¨ are all prideful things. Hermana Manotas is teaching me that if there´s a problem, TALK about it. We don´t need to hold everything in. We can compromise together to find a better way.

I´m so grateful to be serving a mission here in this area. I´m learning so much about the gospel, missionary work and how to be a better person. There were a few days this week when I literally didn´t know how I was going to continue on. Me and my companion got pretty huffy with eachother and it resulted in both of us crying in the street waiting for the bus and I literally thought to myself ¨this is a huge problem and I don´t know what to do¨. But when we pray and humble ourselves, God helps us! 

Hermana Birch

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