Monday, September 21, 2015

Fwd: Weekly report September 14-20, 2015

Hello everyone!

This week was awesome. We saw lots of miracles. There´s no such thing as an ordinary day. I love the mission, especially in this small town. We see people we know like at every turn. And it´s like miracles all day long because we run into someone, remind them to come to church, and then they´re there the next day in the chapel. 

One thing that I do not like about Spain is that everyone smokes. We don´t have any investigators right now that smoke, but we´re walking the streets all day and just everybody is smoking. It´s disgusting. I hate having to smell it everywhere we go. And people who don´t have anything, no money, no house are smoking. It makes me think that people will sacrifice everything they have so they can have the things they really want. They´re addicted to cigarettes so they do everything they can to get some. So when we´re in the streets and people tell us they´re too busy for God, I know that they really just don´t realize how important He is. They don´t know what they´re missing! All the members of the church, we´re busy too, but we make time for the things that are the most important.

We had an awesome Zone Enfoque with the President of the mission. He taught us about being Master Teachers and how important it is to get our investigators to church. That´s one thing we need to improve as a mission, getting investigators to church!

Well on Saturday evening, my companion told me to call Patricia. But we have two Patricias, so I called the first one that came to my mind. Which was the investigator that we have lost contact with because she never answers her phone. But she has told us in the past that she would like to come to church if she has the chance. Well I called her and she said she was too busy to meet up, and that she was going to go to her Catholic church on Sunday. And so I squeezed in the question, well would you like to come to our church at 10 in the morning tomorrow? And she was like well, ok. So we picked her up and walked together to church! It was so great because the members were really welcoming and nice to her and she ended up staying for all 3 hours of church! Hermana Manotas was flipping out, because she had meant for me to call the other Patricia, the less active one!

Love you all so much,
Hermana Birch

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