Monday, December 28, 2015

Best Christmas ever

- Christmas morning walking the streets and giving out cookies and turrónes to homeless people. Some of them got really emotional as we talked to them about their lives. It brought me to tears. Then we saw a group of Romanian Carolers all dressed up like a nativity: wiseman, Angels, shepherds. As they sang silent Night in Romanian I started bawling in the middle of the street. The Spirit was very strong that morning.

- Javi and Ingrid's Christmas miracle. Javi came out on a visit with us even though he had basically just found out that they had to move out of their piso because they were short 5,000 euros. Then his wife Ingrid was super distressed, but told him to go help the hermanas anyway. So he did. Ingrid was praying and asking HF what to do. Then mid prayer her friend texted her and said she would loan her the money. Then Javi bought us snicker bars and we went over to their house and had a picnic. Then they told us all that had happened and we were all crying. This family just gives and gives and gives and serves!

- Christmas Eve lunch with this awesome Spanish couple. Goofy Motorbike dude and gorgeous posh woman, met in a bar, now sealed in the temple.

- gorgeous seaside walks with my amazing companion

- members giving us a bag of food and candy at church yesterday. Complete with a huge pineapple, peanut and regular m&ms, a loaf Of white bread, sausage and canned artichokes. Also our ward mission leader called us this morning and he has a roasted chicken at the church for us. Haha I love these people

- getting contacted by a Muslim man. Him telling us and trying to get us to read the Koran. Muslims are great people, but they just don't believe that Christ is the Savior of our sins. That is the most important part!

- Skyping you guys! Super fun! I love you so much! It was so good to see your faces.

Really was the best Christmas ever. There are no words to describe the feelings and experiences I've had. I love the Lord and I love His work. I love the miracles we see everyday in the mission!

Lots of love and happy new year!
Hermana Birch

We did so much this week! So many amazing experiences that I will never forget!

It was a great Christmas! Christmas on the mission is incredible.
Never have I had a deeper connection with why we celebrate Christmas
than I did this year.

Some of my favorite moments this week:

- FHE with the Calle family. The dad is Spanish and the mom is
Filipino. They have 4 kids, all young single adults. The dad is super
awesome and invited a nonmember Bolivian woman and now we are going to
her house this week and she's going to teach us how to make cuñapes!
Aka my favorite food ever

- contacted a homeless Nigerian man on the street and he came to
church yesterday! and brought his cousin Patricia, who is now my best
friend! And he already knew someone at church (another Nigerian)! And
now he wants to be baptized! Hermana Wiseman translating into English
at church for all the Nigerians was awesome.

- I asked Kenneth what the best moment of his life was, and he said
"when I decided to be baptized into the Mormon church."

- Hermana Wiseman's mom sent us Christmas stockings!

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