Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Many Awkward Moments Can We Fit Into One Week

Dear family and friends,

How are you all? I hope you're having an awesome week. It's really
cold here. There is snow on the mountains and it's really rainy.
Luckily I bought a pair of rubber rain boots and a member gave us warm
scarves, so we're good to go.

So because it's been raining a lot, it means that we are talking to
lots of people in the rain. But if we can find an open building, we
knock it. So we had just finished knocking a building, and we actually
found some really awesome people there, and we were by the elevator
and a black guy walked in the building, so naturally I started talking
to him. He was super nice and cool, from Ghana, and we said a prayer
right there with him and he said we could visit him another day. So
later in the week, we passed by. His Spanish wife answered the door,
and when we said that we were missionaries she didn't look too
impressed, but she went and got her husband and he let us in! Which
was a big deal, this was the first house I've been let into in 2
weeks! So we were pretty excited! He speaks English. We were on the
sofa with him, and the wife was at the table on her computer. I wanted
to speak in Spanish so that just in case she was listening would
understand and feel the Spirit. Sabes? But the guy would keep
switching to English so it was super weird. Also we are supposed to be
inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson, but his wife was
like there listening, and I don't know how much English she knows, but
I didn't want to like scare her off by asking him to be baptized, so
instead we went from talking about the video we watched, to
introducing him to the Book of Mormon, to talking about the plan of
salvation. Then he said he didn't want or need 2 bibles. Then we told
him he could learn even more about God and receive even more
blessings. And then he was like, I don't even need more blessings.
I've got my house, my wife, my job. I send things to kids from my
country that don't have anything, I'm good. And in my mind I was like,
all we have to give this guy is blessings, what can we do for this
guy?" Anyway there's not like a miraculous end to this story, like he
wants to be baptized or anything but it just goes to show that some
people need more help than you think.

Love you all, Hermana Birch

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