Monday, January 25, 2016


Big holiday, Día de San Sebastián! Doesn't he look like Barney Fife? ;)

Chistorra!! Fancy sausage and cheese in a flour tortilla, they only sell these on holidays!

Los tamboros, drums, in front of the cathedral!

Love, Hermana Birch

Hola! Opa!

Our family from Honduras finally read in the Book Of Mormon on their
own! Their countenances were literally shining! It was so awesome! We
had come in to darles caña (give them the business) and get them
reading, turns they had each read, and they read a lot! And then the
dad came to church on Sunday, for the first time ever, and with his
baby daughter! The mom works on Sunday's, so couldn't make it. But it
was so awesome!

Also, we had a great Family Home Evening with Jacques, and I know he
must have felt the Spirit, because he said that he would commit to
live the Word of Wisdom. We talked about how he needed to give up
coffee and he said he would and he'd drink hot chocolate instead! We
were so happy! But then he kind of fell off the face of the planet for
a few days. So we were suspicious, and he didn't come to church. Well
we met with him last night, and turns out he had drank some coffee,
and for the parties that we were having in the city, he drank some
beer. And he said he won't give them up, he says he doesn't see the
harm. We were really sad. We tried to find out what the real heart of
the problem was, and we realized he hasn't had a change of heart yet.
As great as he is, as knowledgable as he is about God, he is too
prideful to give up these worldly things and follow the word of
wisdom. He kept talking about why coffee and wine are actually good
for you, and we were like, you know what it doesn't matter, all that
matters is that God has told us not to, so what are you going to do?
So he told us he doesn't want a baptismal goal right now, but that he
will keep praying and try to receive an answer. It will be hard to
receive an answer if he's not humble enough to follow what he already
knew to be true.

I love the mission, I learn so much everyday about my weaknesses,
about my Savior and about my purpose.

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