Monday, January 11, 2016

That's my home

The gospel is such a blessing, we can see miracles everyday. When I first told Kenneth that something was a miracle, he was like, I wouldn't really consider that a miracle. But this week, when he helped us, he was the one that was like, "that was a miracle! And it will be a full miracle when they get baptized!" Yeah Kenneth!

On our way home last night we passed a Catholic mass that was going on so we sneaked a peek. It was very cool. Singing, reciting, the priest doing the Sacrament. It was focused on Christ's death and sacrifice, and it was nice and everything, but I have to say, the restored gospel is so much better :)

Love, Hermana Birch

Hola a todos!

This week has been amazing and full of miracles!

Our big miracle is that we found Jacques! We contacted him in the
street and we met with him the same day at the library a little later!
And he wants to be baptized! He's the sweetest guy. He spends all his
time in the library reading, he's super smart, super humble guy. He's
from Cameroon and so is our bishop! He came to church on Sunday and
he's already telling people about his baptism on the 23rd! He's so
great and really prepared! What a blessing to teach someone with real
desires to learn and change. As we taught him about the celestial
kingdom he said "that's where I want to be. That's my home." :)

Also, funny things happen sometimes on the mission. Like when three
different investigators suddenly each have family members that won't
let them listen to us, all in one week! But it's okay. They each have
a Book Of Mormon and it's just not their time yet!

On Sunday night we had a cool miracle! We didn't have any planned
visits so we were just passing by a few people, with our favorite
member who always helps and comes with us, Kenneth from Nigeria. It
was cold, dark and rainy so we've got our umbrellas. Well we contacted
a lady from Cape Verde named Tina! She was so adorable! She told us
that we are beautiful and that we have a light, and that she's looking
for light! Best thing is, we already had her number in our phone
because the hermanas were teaching her a year ago! She gave us cute
African bracelets and said she'd come to church on Sunday and does she
have to bring chocolate, and we aren't ones to turn down chocolate, so
we said no you don't have to but we like chocolate! Haha she was

Also, sad news, a cute young family that we have been teaching, we
found out that they're not married, and that the man actually has a
wife that he still hasn't divorced from yet in Honduras. So that
complicates things a bit, but no pasa nada, we will keep helping them
develop a testimony of the Book Of Mormon then they will have more
desire to get married!

This week was 3 Kings Day and it was super fun! We saw a parade and
each wiseman had his own float. They were throwing candy to the crowd
and there were mules and children carrying torches and bands. Also for
3 Kings Day they eat Roscón de Reyes and it's really yummy!

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